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How Do I Give a Customer A Store Credit?

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How Do I Give a Customer A Store Credit?

Postby RetailEdge Moderator » Tue Jan 24, 2006 2:56 pm

There are two ways to give a customer a store credit: The first way is through a customer return. When a customer returns an item, and the customer is owed money at the end of the sale, RetailEdge will allow you to put the change in the CREDIT payment media. When the sale is posted, the customer will be given a credit that he or she can use next time he or she comes into the store. This is the recommended way to give the customer a store credit. The second way is to directly edit or modify the customer's credit manually. You can do this by: pressing the Customer button on the Toolbar finding the customer in the customer list and pressing the Modify Button typing the credit in the customer's Store Credit field (on the Customer 2 tab). and then pressing the Save button. Change the default sales tax for all inventory items. Sales tax does change periodically. You can change the sales tax value for all items with a given value, by choosing Global Change | Inventory | Sales Tax from the Tools menu. Then type in the Old Sales Tax value and the New Sales Tax value and press OK.

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