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What is the difference between a Saved Sale, an Open Order and a Layaway?

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What is the difference between a Saved Sale, an Open Order and a Layaway?

Postby RetailEdge Moderator » Thu Mar 17, 2016 8:36 am

RetailEdge allows you to save sales and create layaways and open orders for customers.

When you are on the Payment Screen of either the touch or traditional Sales Screens, you will see a button for Open Order, Layaway, or Save Sale. Pressing any one of these buttons will convert the active sale to one of these other transaction types.

Saved Sales. Saved sales were originally created so that you could suspend a transaction while a customer went back to look for other items and you wanted to cash out another customer. However, RetailEdge allows you to save unlimited numbers of sales, so these saved sales can be used in many different ways besides the normal suspended/on-hold transaction.

Most RetailEdge customers use Saved Sales for Customer Quotes (we use them this way). When you print a receipt for the saved sale, the receipt will print "Sales Quote" at the top of the page so that you can give your customers a receipt with the quoted items.

Saved Sales can also used Saved Sales to save items as a partial sale so that it can be added to and posted out on a different register (e.g., fabric cutting table, sandwich counters, etc.) or for creating customer tabs (e.g., bars and coffee shops).

Saved sales can be recalled at any time and modified unlimited times before posting the sale.

Open Orders. Open Orders are similar to Saved Sales, but a deposit can be taken against the items on an open order. Open Orders can be recalled and modified any number of times and additional deposits can be taken against them. You can set a required minimum deposit amount in your Location Register settings (Tools|Settings|Locations - Modify and press the Register Tab). Open Orders will not remove items from the inventory but will allocate the inventory items so that clerks will be warned if they are selling more than the available quantity of a particular item.

Once the entire payment has been taken against an Open Order, it will be automatically converted to a sale.

Layways. Layaways are similar to Open Orders. However items on a layaway cannot be modified. You can only apply new payments to the Layaway. Once the entire payment has been applied to the layaway the layaway will automatically be converted to a sale.

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