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How do I correct a credit card transaction with integrated credit card processing?

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How do I correct a credit card transaction with integrated credit card processing?

Postby RetailEdge Moderator » Tue Feb 23, 2016 2:20 pm

When you are using integrated credit card processing with RetailEdge, there are times when you may want to enter a sale, correct a sale, void a transaction and not have the credit card processed. For instance, you may need to enter a sale that was done off-line or through the processors mobile application, or want to return an item without having the charge processed (again).

To do this simply:

1. Turn off CC processing. Choose Tools | Settings | Workstations menu and Modify your workstation . Press the Credit Card 1 of 2 tab and select the drop down option to not process credit cards.

2. If this is an existing sale you want to use or correct, locate and copy the sale by pressing the Sales Manager button on the Toolbar, finding the sale in question and pressing the Copy Sale button on the right hand side.

3. If this is a new sale, enter the sales items on the Sales Screen as you normally would.

4. If you are processing a return:
a. Using Sales Touch (click Return All on the bottom of the screen)
b. Using the Traditional Sales Screen (Press Ctrl + Alt + N on the keyboard)

5. On the payment tab, put the appropriate amount of the sale to the correct payment method (VISA/MC/AMEX, etc.) and process the sale as you normally would.

6. Turn CC processing back on as outlined in Step 1.

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