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Should I download the RetailEdge POS Demo?

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Should I download the RetailEdge POS Demo?

Postby RetailEdge Moderator » Mon Jan 27, 2014 9:24 am

Yes. We encourage all potential users to download the demo and try it out. Since the demo is the real program, (not a dog and pony show video that tells you about how many great features we have and how great the program is) it will give you a pretty good idea of how RetailEdge is going to work, the features available, the type of system it will work on if you are using your existing computer to run it on, etc. And probably just as important it will help new users ask the right questions. We hear every day about how users want a program that can track inventory, sales, and customers, etc. But every retail business is a little different and their program needs are different. We find most potential customers don't ask the right questions until they have taken a look at the program. Questions/Comments like "Oh yeah I also need a loyalty program built into the program" or "do you handle gift cards internally with no additional charges?" don't get asked usually until they have had a chance to look at the demo and start thinking about the types of features they really need to run their businesses.

You can download the demo here ... _demos.php

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