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Can I Create New Items on the Sales Screen
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    Can I Create New Items on the Sales Screen

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:10 pm

    Anyone (with the right permissions if security is turned on) can create an item in RetailEdge by opening up the inventory and adding an item. Then selling the item they just created. A few things to think about when you are doing this:

    1. The touch screen does not allow you to do this as easily and you will have to close the Touch screen sales screen before you do this. This is really one of the intents behind the touch screen sales screen. (Hide these types of inventory management features and make the sales process faster).

    2. An item in RetailEdge requires certain pieces of information (SKU, Description, Cost, Price, Vendor, Department, etc.). This information is not always available to a clerk when they sell an item. So it does not always make sense to create items on the fly and it can lead to bad inventory information that has to be unwound later. A business should have someone who is the inventory person in charge of creating items so that the information is meaningful and consistent.

    3. If you are doing this for a Special Order item, you should take a look at this post. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1658&p=2270. This is just one way to do it and not THE way to do it.

    4. You can always just sell a non-entered item on the sales screen by entering 0 in the find item box. RetailEdge will then allow you to put in a price and a description and department for the item being sold.

    Another question is why do you need to create items on the fly? This is another advantage to creating Purchase Orders. When you create an item on a Purchase Order, RetailEdge creates the item in inventory at zero quantity and so it is available for use on other POs or to be sold. So this would allow clerks to look up and sell items that have not been tagged.

    Another reason might be that you have not had time to get your inventory into RetailEdge but want to sell item and track average costs, etc. You can solve this problem by creating a department SKU. More about department SKUs can be found at

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