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Can I print barcode labels with a stock number barcode
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    Can I print barcode labels with a stock number barcode

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Thu Jan 19, 2012 5:33 pm

    RetailEdge prints all of its pricing label barcodes using the RetailEdge Item ID. We do this for a number of reasons but the main two are:

    1. The Stock Number can be 50 characters long and this is too long for a barcode that represents a stock number to be printed on a standard label.

    2. The Item ID is fixed and is created by the program when you create an item and will never change for the item. Other fields can and do change. If you are using a label with one of the fields that change, any time you changed this value (Stock Number for instance) you would need to change and re-tag your existing inventory.

    However, we have had a number of requests from customers to have the barcode represent the RetailEdge stock number field. This is because during inventory:

    1. Some customers are using physical inventory collection devices that have the SKU imported into them for physical inventory checks, and

    2. Some customers have physical inventories performed by outside vendors. These vendors usually don't know anything about the RetailEdge ItemID and only know about the stock number.

    So to help out RetailEdge users with these needs we have created three new label types.

    2.25"w x 1.25"h, 1 Up, SKU Code
    2.25"w x 1.25"h, 1 Up - Shelf UPC
    1.50"w x 1.00"h, 1 Up, SKU Code

    You can import these labels into your RetailEdge version by downloading the label definition you want by clicking on the links below. Then in RetailEdge choosing SQL Runner from the Tools menu and import the label definitions into the program. ... kucode.sql ... kucode.sql ... kucode.sql

    The label definitions should match the labels you already have setup in your Zebra printer driver. But for reference you will need to create a label definition with the following names

    Label 2.25 x 1.25 and Label 1.50 x 1.00.

    Remember if you are going to use these stock number barcode labels, your stock number should not exceed 13 characters typically and be all numeric (a UPC or EAN code) and you should not change stock numbers as you will need to re-tag. And with any change to your data you should make a backup before you import these tags so that if this is not what you want you can go back to what you had before.
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