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Can you explain about how the credit card processing works?
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    Can you explain about how the credit card processing works?

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Sat Nov 27, 2010 10:00 am

    The integrated credit card processing works as follows.

    1. You would attach a magnetic strip reader to the computer via USB port. $55 - $125 depending on whether you want encrypted or not.

    2. You could optionally attach a PINPad to the computer if you want to process PIN Debit. This can save you money if people are:
    a. Using a lot of Debit/Bank Cards.
    b. Your typical transaction is greater than about $20-$30.
    Using PINDebit changes the processing fee from a percentage based transaction fee to a fixed fee (about $0.35/transaction). PinPads if you want one are about $250.

    3. You sign up to process with one of the processors we process with directly. Both should be able to lower your rates. I have listed their names below.

    Payment Processing, Inc. (PPI)

    Mercury Payment Systems

    If you use either one of them no additional software is required.


    Use PCCharge and your existing processor. If you go this route you need to purchase PCCharge ($200 - $315 and sometime processors will purchase PCCharge for you to keep your business). There are annual fees associated with PCCharge and it is middle-ware subject to burps, etc. If you are going to go this route, make sure that your processor will help you support it and provide you with the 24/7/365 support that our processing partners work with.


    You can continue to use your existing terminals and process credit cards/debit cards separately from RetailEdge. If you do this, you should still look into one of our processing partners as the should be able to save you money on fees anyway and they can usually reprogram your terminals to work with them.

    The advantages and more about general credit card processing can be found at the links below.

    We believe in flexibility to choose and whichever option works best for you. Unlike many of our competitors that lock you into one processor, we want RetailEdge to ultimately be a cost savings tool and so we have built in a number of different options.
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