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How do I remove items used in my store from inventory
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    How do I remove items used in my store from inventory

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Wed Nov 10, 2010 8:35 am

    Items are typically put into RetailEdge's inventory by creating a PO and then receiving and updating the PO and items are typically removed from inventory through the sales process. However there are many times when a business needs to remove inventory for reasons other than sales. Some of these reasons might be:

    1. Store use for marketing or displays
    2. shrinkage (theft)
    3. death (in the case of plant nursery stock, but I guess this would be true for a pet store as well?)
    4. returns to vendors for damaged product.

    If you need to remove inventory for an reason other than sales we recommend that you create a negative purchase order. Just as when you add positive quantities to a PO and receive the PO it increases your inventory quantities, negative quantities on a PO will decrement your inventory quantities when it is received.

    You can continue to add items to the "display" or "shrinkage" purchase order as long as you want. This will allow you to keep a good record and document shrinkage or quantities of items that can no longer be sold. You can delete these POs at any time but typically you would print out the POs at the end of the year and then delete them. Here is another forum topic that discusses this more.

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