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Confusion About Transfer Orders
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    Confusion About Transfer Orders

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:30 am

    RetailEdge is obviously a multi-location ready program. And in most cases people using Transfer Orders are doing it for transferring items from one physical store location to another physical store location. However, RetailEdge will allow users as a single location to setup multiple locations in their inventory. The only limitation is that you can only sell out of the main location. This can be useful for users that have a warehouse or other that they use to store inventory and want to track item quantities in this other location. Sometimes users create a location for storerooms so that they can know what is actually on the floor and what is in the store room.

    BE CAREFUL IF YOU ARE DOING THIS. Not to place too much emphasis on it, but managing multiple locations adds to the complexity of the program and you have to spend time managing inventory in different locations. Double the locations, double the inventory quantities you have to manage. We have see it work well and we have seen it fail.

    If you have decided to go with multiple locations in RetailEdge here are somethings you should do to get familiar with the process.

    1. Try it first with the Demo data. RetailEdge's demo data is setup with three locations. This will allow you to play with the location functionality before you create new locations in your real inventory. You can switch to the demo data by choosing Server Connection from the Tools|Settings menu item and changing the DB Name to RetailEdgeData_Demo.

    2. When you create a transfer order, you are doing just that. It is an order. Until you post the Transfer Order the items are not removed from the FROM locations inventory. It only allocates the item to be On Transfer. Then the TO location needs to Receive the Transfer Order and Update the Transfer Order to have the items moved from the in transfer allocation. Think of it as if when you Post the Transfer Order you are putting the items on the Truck for delivery. They are not in either inventory but On Transfer To. When the Truck comes into the TO location and the items are received (and sometimes tagged) then the the TO locations Qty gets adjusted.

    3. Create one item in inventory. Then add this item to a Transfer Order manually and then post the TO. Open the inventory manager, and watch what happens to the inventory quantity during every step of the Transfer. You can see this on the Quantity Tab of the Inventory Manager.

    4. You might want to try the Copy to TO function on the Inventory Manager. This will allow you to create a Transfer Order for selected items in your inventory. You will be able to see what your inventory quantity is for the items selected and then just change the quantity to be added to the Transfer Order based on the report above. You can filter your inventory list by different criteria (Vendor, Department, etc.) to make this list shorter and more appropriate to what you are trying to do. Don't worry if you select more items than what you need, zero values won't be added to the transfer order.
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