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Running RetailEdge Remotely at Trade Shows or Trunk Shows
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    Running RetailEdge Remotely at Trade Shows or Trunk Shows

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Tue Jun 21, 2016 11:38 am

    Many RetailEdge users need to run RetailEdge at a remote location that is disconnected from the main store. This might be for a trunk show or a trade show. Or this might just be a home computer where users are trying to manage their customer or inventory information. RetailEdge can allow you to do this in a few different ways and the way you use will depend on your needs and internet connection speeds.

    1. No High Speed Internet Access. If you don't have any way of connecting to the store's data, you can:
    a. Backup your store's RetailEdge data and restore it into your temporary locations computer. This will make all existing inventory, customer, sales, order information available to you in the temporary location's computer.
    b. At the temporary location, you can create sales, inventory, departments, vendors, customers, POs or receiving items.
    c. When you get back to the store you can then export the items, customers orders or sales you have created in a REDI file format and then import this data into the store's location.

    Note: This is not supposed to be a full replacement to having a secondary store location. The import is sophisticated enough to create new vendors, department and classes for new items created and sold. Inventory adjustments will be made to inventory sold. However, there are some limitations to the imports (i.e., customers interests will not get exported, sales using accounts or credits do not get exported) You should check the documentation to make sure you understand the limitations before doing any import/export operations.

    In addition, both the RECON and Island options described below will work in environments that have no internet access. These solutions can continue to operate when they don't have access to the internet, but you would not be taking advantage of the real-time synchronization features of these solutions.

    2. High Speed Internet Access. If you have high speed internet access, there are a number of other options available to you. Each of these methods have their advantages.

    a. Remote Access Software. This is one of the most efficient ways to access your store's data. However, you will need to have computer that is available for you to remote desktop into since this options controls the computer you are connected to and will lock out the local user when using a remote solution. Please note that you should not be using this solution if you are processing credit cards through the system unless you are using a VPN or your remote access software supports multi-factor authentication (and you use it). Most remote access software have free versions of the software but most of the time this multi-factor authentication is only included in paid versions of the software.

    b. Setup another Store Location and Use RECON. You can also set up your remote location as another store location and use RECON to synchronize the Store's data with your remote computer's data. This will ensure that all changes to your data are synchronized with the store's data and you will not have any performance loss since RECON's synchronization cycle is done in the background and can work with slower connection speeds.

    c. RetailEdge Island. RetailEdge Island allows you to have a full copy of your data and will synchronize with the store's database every couple of minutes. The difference between Island and the full RECON is that the Island works as just a location workstation. That means that you will be selling from the store's inventory and unlike RECON above, you will not be able to track what you have at the show. In addition, if your show is in another location, since you are selling from the Store's location you will be using the store's sales tax jurisdictions. This may or may not be appropriate if you are working in a different state or county. Both the RECON and Island options are good for intermittent/slow internet access as well. These solutions will synchronize when they can but if they get cut off you still have full access to your data and can continue to operate.

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