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How To Return Items to a Gift Card
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    How To Return Items to a Gift Card

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Mon Dec 12, 2011 9:23 am

    RetailEdge POS Software has always allowed users to return items to any payment method, store credit, house charge and Gift Cards. However, returns to a Gift Card are becoming more common. Putting returns on to a gift card can be an effective way of getting the customer back into your store as the gift card acts as wallet advertising and will constantly remind the customer to come back to your store.

    To return an item to a gift card:

    1. Add the item that is being returned to the sales screen as you would normally do for a return.

    2. Add the gift card sales screen for the total amount of the item being returned. If the item to be returned is a taxable item, you will need make sure your gift card amount includes the tax being returned. The sale total should be zero at this point but you will see a positive and negative amount representing the tax being returned on the bottom of the sales screen.

    3. Then post the sale. RetailEdge will ask you for the Gift Card number being issued and will put the return amount on to the gift card.
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