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How does the integration with Modern Retail website work?
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    How does the integration with Modern Retail website work?

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Fri Dec 17, 2010 9:09 am

    We are using the Modern Retail solution on our website at This should give you an idea of how a website could be integrated into the look and feel of your existing site. It is pretty flexible and I am sure they would walk you through their "Store Manager" that will show you how the process works. But essentially it goes like this:

    1. Get order. Receive e-mail of order. You can setup rules in the account (to do credit card processing) that will allow you to require certain matches to prevent fraud and lock it down as much as you want or need. Since you are PPI, they can set you up with an account.

    2. Go to MR Store Manager mark as processing. This will send the customer an e-mail letting them know you are working on it.
    3. Make changes to the order.
    4. Ship the order.
    5. Print shipping labels. They have an integration with UPS so you can have it work with your UPS account.

    When you mark the order as shipped, it is available to be downloaded to RetailEdge. RetailEdge will automatically or manually depending on your settings, get the order, pull it into RetailEdge, and make all the necessary adjustments to sales and inventory (so that if you sell the last one on the website it will be removed from the site). If you are doing size runs in the RetailEdge matrixes, this information will make it up to the Modern Retail site as well.

    Inventory that is to go up to the web site is marked in RetailEdge in either the Export/Report Code field or one of the User fields. RetailEdge will bring up Stock Number, Description, One of the Notes Fields, Pricing (Retail, MSRP and Discount Price).

    Once an item is up on the site you will still need to do some modification to the item. Add pictures, add HTML to your text as appropriate for a longer caption, etc. Although RetailEdge does allow pictures in the inventory, our pictures are really designed to be small and help clerks with selling the item or making sure that they are selling the correct item. The Modern Retail site allows multiple views and you really should be doing higher resolution pictures as well (1000 x 1000).

    Once you have an item on the site and active, then RetailEdge will constantly update (every minute if you want) inventory pricing and quantities. So if you have an item that your store's inventory goes to zero on, it will automatically be removed from the site. When you receive new ones it will get put back on the site. Also if you make a change to pricing because you are receiving an item at a higher cost, this price will automatically be adjusted on the site. Also if you want to discount an item in your store to Price level 3, then you can have these changed populate your website as well. So this part of maintaining a website will become much easier and managed in one place (RetailEdge).
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