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RetailEdge functions not working properly or acting strange.
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    RetailEdge functions not working properly or acting strange.

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Tue Dec 18, 2007 11:32 am

    If RetailEdge functions are not working properly or are acting strangely (records not being removed from receiving during an update, miscellaneous "lock ups", etc.), you might have some damaged data tables.

    Tables can be damaged by hard drive errors, power surges and premature shutdowns of your system without shutting down RetailEdge. To see whether you have a damaged table, you should choose Verify Tables from the Tools menu in RetailEdge and then pressing the Verify button.

    If errors are found, this is how you can repair them.

    1. Determine where your data resides by choosing Options from the Tools menu and then pressing the Network tab. Your data is in the Folder listed in the Data Folder field. The default, which you’ll usually find on single-user systems and on non-XP networks will be c:\program files\retailedge 7.x\data. If you can't get into RetailEdge, you can check to see where your data is by Searching for retailedge.ini, opening the file. The DirData line in the [DirInfo] section will list the folder where the data resides.

    2. Exit RetailEdge on all computers in your network.

    3. On one of the machines that runs Retailedge, Press the Windows Start menu and Find/Search and search for Files and Folders named recap32.exe. (The program is identified with a gear icon)

    4. Run Recap32 by double-left clicking on the application. This will display a empty screen with File menu and a Windows menu item in the upper left hand corner.

    5. Choose Verify Table from the File menu item.

    6. Press the on the Open Table button to the right of the Table Name
    field (with a picture of a folder on it). By default the look in value will be c:\program files\retailedge 7.x.

    7. If RetailEdge is installed in the default location then do the following - otherwise you will need to set your Look In to be where your Data resides, as described in Step 1.

    8. Open the Data folder.

    9. Select the Table you need to Verify (rebuild) and press the Open Button. This will bring you back to the Verify Table Screen with the Table Name and Path listed in the Table Name box.

    10. Press the Verify button. When the Verification is done, if errors are found, a message should pop up asking if you want to view the errors. (If no message, then you are probably not in the correct data folder).

    11. Choose No.

    12. Press the Rebuild button and wait for the Rebuild Complete
    screen to be displayed.

    13. Do the same with any other damaged tables.

    14. If the Rebuild button is not available after verifying the table, then the table has become so damaged that you will need to Rebuild the table using an undamaged copy of the table as a template.

    15. If this occurs, hold down Lft-Ctrl, Lft-Shift, and hit the F1 key.
    This will display an "Open Table: Alternate Structure" screen.

    16. Choose an undamaged copy of the table you are trying to rebuild. To do this, change your Look In to point to a DIFFERENT location for the Data so that you are on another machine or elsewhere on the same machine. If you are working in a multiple workstation environment, then you can look to one of the other machines running RetailEdge. If you started out on a satellite machine looking across to the real Data folder, then you can point to the unused Data folder on the satellite which should be in c:\program files\retailedge 7.5\ and select the appropriate table.

    If you are working in a single workstation system, you can also get good copies of the data tables by downloading and installing the RetailEdge 7.5 Demo. The files for the demo will be located by default in the c:\program files\retailedge 7.5 demo\data folder.

    If your tran_log table is damaged, you can use the day_log table as the alternate structure (and visa versa) since they have the same structure.

    If your receive table is damaged, you can use the rec_log table as the alternate structure (and visa versa) since they have the same structure.

    17. Then confirm that you want to rebuild using the alternate structure.
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