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What happens if my Dongle goes bad after business hours
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    What happens if my Dongle goes bad after business hours

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:21 am

    Over the years customers have worried about the stability of the dongle (license key). Listed below are some previous topics that discuss the dongles, why we use them and how to solve problems with them if they occur.

    The one question that comes up periodically is: What happens when my dongle dies on the the weekend and how can I continue to run my business if it does?

    First the dongle has proven to be very reliable and very rarely fails. The failure rate is less than 1/2% (A reliability of greater than 99.5%).

    Second if you are on a service plan we can log into your system and get you setup with a temporary dongle that will keep you going until we get a replacement to you.

    So if you are not on a service plan (only $45/month) and feel that you need the insurance for the less than 1/2% failure rate then you have a couple of options:

    1. We can log into your system disable the hardware dongle and put a software virtual key onto your computer. This won't fail unless your computer fails. But if you computer fails then you are out of luck. This is the beauty of the dongle. You can easily move this from computer to computer.

    2. You can purchase an additional license key for your business. Additional license keys are $225.

    There are software companies (like Intuit with QuickBooks) that if a computer dies, will allow you to enter a key and transfer your license from one machine to another. We do not use this methodology because the dongle has been so reliable and it gives you the ability the move the key easily numerous times (take it home and run RetailEdge from home or move it to a laptop for a trade show) and transfer licenses from machine to machine when you don't have an internet connection (yes we have customers who are not connected to the internet for security reasons or just can't get good internet service).

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