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How Does RetailEdge Handle Multiple Ship To Addresses
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    How Does RetailEdge Handle Multiple Ship To Addresses

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Sun Sep 28, 2008 9:12 pm

    Each RetailEdge point of sale Customer can have a bill to and a ship to address. Sometimes it is useful to have more than one ship to address for a customer when the customer has multiple addresses or a customer has multiple locations you are shipping to on a regular basis.

    When ringing in a sale, if you check Ship This Sale, you can assign a different shipping address to the sale. If it is a one time shipping change, then simply type in the new address process the sale.

    If you only do this occasionally you can put the second address in the customer notes field and copy this into the ship to for the sale.

    An alternative easier way to do this if you are having to ship sales to different addresses more regularly is to create multiple instances of the customer in your customer database each with a different ship to. When the customer comes into the store
    1. Associate the customer with the proper ship to with the sale.
    2. Pressing the Ship To button to get this customer's ship to address into the sale.
    3. Perform a search for the customer who you want to associate with the sale and select them.
    4. When the customer is associated with the sale you will be asked whether you want to keep the current Ship To settings.
    5. Select Yes.

    For instance, if I have Customer A with three shipping addresses, I might create a Customer A - Main, Customer A - L1, Customer A - L2, and Customer A - L3. If the customer comes into my store or calls me with an order and wants it shipped to L3. I would
    1. Add Customer A - L3 to the Sale.
    2. Check the Ship To button.
    3. Look up the Customer A and Select Customer A - Main.
    4. When adding the customer to the sale, choose to keep the current shipping address with the sale.

    This will allow you to always keep the sales associated with Customer A - Main but quickly change the shipping addresses to the other locations.
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